Transactional Security, Simplified.

Take control with secure easy to use Out-Of-Band Authentication.


Trust Yourself

Be Informed of a debit before it happens and you can now Approve, Decline or Report Fraud on the Go

How It Works

For Business

As commerce and business are increasingly going online and mobile, a critical success factor for these activities is the integrity of its infrastructure. i.Sec provides secure consumer empowered transactions across all platforms using best practice  multifactor authentication methods.


 The banking industry’s continuous and increased adoption of electronic channels has shown resultant increase in fraud and cyber crime. i.Sec provides a cutting-edge out-of-band transaction security platform that enables banks and other financial services institutions reduce the risk of fraud on payment transactions while increasing consumer confidence.

Corporate & Government

 Escalating IT security threats and strengthening regulatory requirements are driving the adoption of multifactor authentication to unprecedented heights. i.Sec protects companies & organizations from unwanted and unauthorized access to their corporate email, remote access VPN, cloud services and intranet sites. The i.Sec platform provides identity management & access authorization services using secure out-of-band methods.

For Consumers

Today’s consumer behavior is increasingly mobile centric as customers send money, pay bills and consummate most of their banking transactions on the mobile phone. The ubiquitous nature of these devices provides comfort as consumers can transact on the go. The implications of this however, requires a completely new secure Eco-system for identity management, payments and virtual commerce.


i.Sec informs consumers before money leaves their accounts and enables them with the ability to Approve, Decline or Report fraud realtime.

Product Lines

i.Sec Basic

  • No need to download an app
  • Works  automatically with all mobile phone types
  • Provides 2 authentication options. With secure code and OTP options available
  • Secure communication between customer and i.Sec encrypted end to end

i.Sec Pro

  • Mobile App for smart phones only
  • Provides multiple authentication options With secure code, OTP and Biometric option Available
  • Compatible with international transaction
  • View log of Authentications

About Us

We Are A Business And Socioeconomic Solutions Development Company.

We use technology to bridge the gap that exists in business processes and socio-economic structures. Furthermore, as an indigenous African company, we strongly believe that employing systems and technologies from advanced countries hook, line and sinker, does not meet our specific needs because of the uniqueness of the African market and sometimes they are not flexible to adapt. Thus, it is an opportunity for us to create systems that meet such needs with local knowledge and support to modify as appropriate.

Our Client: Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System (NIBSS)


To be the number one Mobile Consumer Software provider in Africa by year 2020.


To harness a dedicated team of young talented and innovative individuals to demonstrate that Africans can engineer scalable technology solutions that meet global market needs and industry standard.

Core Values

Ingenuity, Integrity, Passion for winning & Diversity

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I get i.Sec?

A. i.Sec is a security feature for financial transactions across all platforms. Once your Bank/Merchant/Service provider implements i.Sec , it becomes an automatic feature for the said transaction providing best practice transaction verification approved by NIBSS and endorsed by the CBN.

Q. Do I need to have credit on my phone to use i.Sec?

A. No you do not. i.Sec does not deduct money from your call credit neither does it charge you per transaction.

Q. What happens if I lose my card or if it is stolen?

A. With i.Sec, you can go to bed. i.Sec informs you and requires you to approve the said transaction before money leaves your account. i.Sec also has a “Report Fraud” feature, when initiated the Bank/Merchant/Service provider is informed and in the case of an ATM transaction, the card is seized.


July 2013…i.Sec was inducted into the technology innovation program launched by the Federal Ministry of Communication Technology in collaboration with industry partners called Techlaunchpad to nurture and develop software entrepreneurs who have a vision to build successful software companies that support the industry

January 2014…CBN issues i.Sec a letter of No-Objection to partner with NIBSS and become part of the National Anti-Fraud Solution

July 2014… i.Sec appoints Olaniwun Ajayi LP as it legal Advisers

August 2014… i.Sec appoints Afrinvest as its Financial Advisor

September 2014… i.Sec is appointed as the 2-Factor Provider for the Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System (NIBSS)

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2nd Floor, 39 olonade Street,
Alagomeji, Yaba,
Lagos, Nigeria.
Phone: +234 (0)-1-293-2776

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